Perfect Proofing Every Time

Perfect Proofing
Every Time



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Retarder Proofer Cabinet AFB 468

Elevating Bakery Standards with Advanced Temperature and Humidity Control

  1. Craft Bakery Masterpieces with Unmatched Quality
    Elevate your bakery’s offerings by producing superior-quality items that stand out in both taste and presentation. 
  2. Unlock a Symphony of Flavors and Textures
    Enhance the sensory appeal of your baked goods, ensuring each bite offers a perfect balance of flavor and texture, delighting your customers. 
  3. Maximize Efficiency for Increased Profitability
    Streamline your baking process to save valuable time, enabling you to focus on business growth and increase your revenue with every perfectly proofed batch.

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Great savings thanks to adjustable parameters



-15°C to +40°C


Each phase can be adjusted
from 10 to 99%.

The Proof is in the Baking:
Real Testimonials

Discover how our AFB 468 1C1P Blue Moon Retarder Proofer Cabinet is transforming bakeries across the country. These are not just stories, but real experiences from passionate bakers who have seen significant improvements in their baking processes and product quality. This testimony is a testament to the innovation and efficiency our proofer brings to every bakery it graces. Dive into their experiences to see how our technology could be the key ingredient to your bakery’s success.”

“I have been a baker and pastry chef for over 30 years and for me, it is crucial to have robust and efficient equipment. That is why I trust CFI fermentation cabinets and the company EBPE that installed them for me. We have a demanding profession where chance cannot play a role; that’s why CFI proofers allow for product quality while offering flexibility in use and maintaining production consistency.”

Stephane Grattier

Stéphane Grattier, Owner of the Boulangerie Christophe in Georgetown (District of Columbia & Potomac Maryland)

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A new touch screen

Combining ergonomics and versatility, V-LINK enables high-precision management of proofing programs. It offers numerous advantages for both direct and deferred operation.

Perfectly integrated at «man-height» in the cabinet door, V-LINK adapts to its user’s processes and habits (favorite recipes, language changes, etc.).

With its intuitive, visual interface, users can easily monitor proofing conditions in real time, thanks to the graphs and alarms present. Temperature and humidity information is visible at a glance at all times on the 5’’ screen.

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