Quick Cooling, Perfect freezing

Quick cooling
Perfect freezing

Deep Blue Shadows

DEEP BLUE Quick Cooling and Deep Freezing Cells

Quality, Professional Equipment for Artisan Bakeries

  • Flexible Capacity Options

  • Advanced Operating Modes
  • Robust Construction and Easy Maintenance

Why choose DEEP BLUE?

  • High performance in an optimal space

  • Stainless steel interior and exterior
  • Rounded interior angles for easy cleaning
  • Magnetic door seals and reversible door
  • Automatic and manual cycle controls
  • Built-in unit with automatic defrosting

CFI Know-How

With more than 40 years of experience, CFI has reached its high level of expertise thanks to a unique know-how in the conception of cold equipment for bakeries and pastry shops, and a development of Made in France products, always more reliable and efficient.


The DEEP BLUE stainless steel cells are designed for the rapid cooling and deep freezing of products before conservation. They allow cooling by ventilation of different types of food, bringing their core temperature up to +3°C for rapid positive temperature cooling and down to -18°C for deep freezing.

Model 15P

  • External dimensions: 800x780x2000 mm

  • Capacity: 15 trays, 50 kg per cycle (+90 / +3°C), 38 kg per cycle (+90 / -18°C)

  • Power: 2.71 kW, 3.61 kW electrical power


Model 10P

  • External dimensions: 800x780x1700 mm

  • Capacity: 10 trays, 34 kg per cycle (+90 / +3°C), 22 kg per cycle (+90 / -18°C)

  • Power: 1.88 kW, 2.24 kW electrical power


Model 5P

  • External dimensions: 800x700x900 mm

  • Capacity: 5 trays, 18 kg per cycle (+90 / +3°C), 11 kg per cycle (+90 / -18°C)

  • Power: 0.93 kW, 1.28 kW electrical power


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