Established in July 1979, CFI has become a renowned name in bakery and pastry product refrigeration, prioritizing exceptional quality throughout its history. Based in Lavaveix-les-Mines with a team of around 40 skilled professionals, CFI designs and distributes cutting-edge equipment tailored for retarding-proofing, conservation, and blast freezing processes.

Discover CFI’s expert refrigeration solutions for bakers and pastry-makers in the US through our exclusive distribution channels. Unlock the power of precision and reliability with CFI’s specialized equipment today.

Explore CFI’s comprehensive range of bakery and pastry refrigeration solutions, exclusively available in the US through our distribution. Our selection includes:

  • Retarder Proofer Cabinets: Engineered for optimal control over the fermentation process, ensuring your dough develops perfect texture and flavor every time.
  • Positive Conservation: Preserve the freshness and extend the shelf life of your baked goods with our advanced positive conservation units.
  • Negative Conservation: Ideal for long-term storage, our negative conservation equipment keeps products at peak quality by freezing them rapidly and efficiently.
  • Chocolate Cabinets: Specially designed to maintain the ideal conditions for storing and working with chocolate, ensuring it remains in perfect condition for crafting exquisite confections.
  • Deep Freezing Equipment: Quickly lower the temperature of your products to preserve taste, texture, and nutritional value with our state-of-the-art deep freezing solutions.
  • Water Cooler and Doser Systems: Precision-engineered to provide the exact amount of chilled water required for your recipes, ensuring consistency and quality in every batch.

Unlock unparalleled quality and innovation with CFI’s specialized bakery equipment, tailored to meet the rigorous demands of bakers and pastry chefs in the US.

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